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HIST 201
James Scow

12/5/12 Industrialization and the Well-Being of Workers: Forming Ethical Judgments Reviewing Company Villages • What was good about them? o Less likely to starve because they have access to shelter and food o Some of the villages have guaranteed long-term employment • What was bad about them? o No way to communicate with management that they want something to change; if they do that, they’ll get fired o Your time will be all tied up o Recreation goes away or changes into something that your boss finds appropriate o Change in diet can change based on what is in the company store Hard-To-Measure Factors: Freedom • What does ‘freedom’ mean in the context of an economy? • What gives us more or less freedom? • Which freedoms are more important to us? Less important? Review on Women and Work • What happened in the Industrial Revolution that was arguably good for women? o Can argue that the economic dependence of freedom led to women having the right to vote o
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