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Clarence Thomas

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MASC361History is the pursuit of truth It is often said that journalism should pursuit truth Journalists are investigators who should pursuit truth Journalism is the first draft of history and they are both pursuing truth Truth is a big deal in journalism because in providing your citizens with truth you make them want to become informed to oil the machinery of democracy Thomas Jefferson had real mixed feelings and emotions about journalism JEFFERSON COMMENTS ON JOURNALISM1 The man who reads nothing is better than the man who only reads newspapers If all we get comes from the media and the media gives you a distorted view then your view of the world is going to be distorted He is saying that journalism is good but dont build your world and vision comes from the certain place 2 I do not read a single paper and I feel infinitely happy for it3 Every man should receive a newspaper and be capable of reading a paper He is talking about literacy in the society Literacy would be everywhere4 Newspapers with their flaws are still better than no news at all The practice of journalism can be flawed but Id rather have a flaw journalist put out paper to read than to have no newspaper at all in a democracyJOURNALISMSOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYNewspapers have a special place in our society The press in our country is related to the notion of social responsibility Institutions have to help society because if they dont the society can crumble We like the society and we have to do things that will help it to workWe as individuals have a duty as an adult to be knowledgeable about what is going on in the society The notion of social responsibility is going to be tied to us as individuals because there are things we can do to uplift the society The notion if social responsibility is also indirectly tied to the first amendment It has to do with streciprocity There is an implied reciprocity between the notion of the 1 amendment and the notion of a social responsibility of the press in the society The first amendment says leave journalist alone let them pursue the truth even though it might bring down the government If we do that for you then you at least have to be socially responsible and do the things that made the society that great place that allows you to do the great thing that you doNUSEUMThe Nuseum is the news museum of the country It is in Washington DC FOURTH ESTATEJournalism is referred to in different ways in the country One of the terms is the thFourth estate 4 Estate In Old Europe the first estate would be the clergy They had great power The popes were like kings The second estate would be the nobles and the royalty They had power The third estate would have been the Commoner The press is considered the fourth estate because of the huge power that it wields Journalism is not revolution but it can cause revolution When the masses know the truth it can fan the flames of revolt and revolutionFOUR THEORIES OF THE PRESS1 Authoritarian2 Libertarian3 Social Responsibility4 Soviet TotalitarianismKnow who has the right of the media under each one who has the right to ownership under each one and know what they are all aboutThe United States has to do with Social Responsibility and the Libertarian one HISTORY OF PRINT JOURNALISMTECHNOLOGY AND HISTORY OF THE MASS MEDIA IN RELATION TO PRINTJOHANN GUTENBERGHe invented the first European movable type printing press around 1440 in Germany In order to understand how the movable type works you need to know1Setting of type or Composition To set typeThe earliest press means that you have a medium to record it on Movable type you have to have the following For every alphabet uppercase and lowercase every number punctuation you must have a corresponding piece of typeface or metal to have that embossed on it You have to handwrite it A scribe is the person who was like a human copying machine Many of them were religious orders Gutenberg had someone who followed him called William Caxton who did the same thing in England around the year 1470WILLIAM CAXTONHe invented the first English printing press in 1470 He started the advertising around the printing press DEFINITION OF A MODERN DAY NEWSPAPERA modern day newspaper can be defined by at least twelve characteristics1It is unbound2It is printed through mechanical reproduction3It is issued periodically4It presents information in the form of words5The information is often supplemented by photography6The information is often supplemented by graphics and art work7Any one who can pay the price can have access to the information8The content varies to include broad subject matters9If it is a newspaper it will have continuity of organization with other newspapers10It provides coverage of current events11It is geographically limited and targeted with the exception of one newspaper USA Today These newspapers are not trying to be the newspaper for everybody12If it is a newspaper in modern day society it generally contains advertisingBring a major newspaper to every classCompulsoryContinuity of organization A newspaper will generally have a general layout and design
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