ACIS 1504 Midterm: ACIS Exam 2 study guide.

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Accounting and Information Systems
ACIS 1504
E A Martin

8am bs. • Absolute vs relative versus mixed referencing applied question • Effeciency design goal = definitial question • Applied Worksheet protection question. Which cells should be locked and protected? • Clarity design goal = definitional question. What supported this goal • Sumif and/or Averageif applied question. Must know these arguments. • Isolating assumptions. Using formulas and functions and not raw numbers in your formulas. • Pivot Tables = Create smaller summarized lists from larger underlying data. • Know the layout of Pivot tables and what each section does such as filters versus columns versus rows versus values (typically numeric data) • Know when to use different chart types- Line (trends) versus column (comparison over time) versus Bar (comparison as 1 point in times) versus pie(contributes to a total , or parts of a whole) • If function. Applied question so know the arguments • Filters (text fields), slicers (text fields), Timeliness (data fields). All remove any unwanted data from your output. Applied/ definitial question • Verifiabilityngoal = definitial question and how data Order of operations • Sorts (TOUGHEST QUESTION ON THE EXAM): Specifically multi level sorts using costom list. • Vlookup (value u want, table array(where u wanna find the look up table, what column number gets returned…… , False(exact match), True (approximate match). 9:30 am class review • Exam 2. 21 Multiple Choice questions. Highest possible score is 105 • A cell reference: Applied relative vs. Absolute vs. mixed cell referencing question. Which formula would you use to either copy vertically or horizontal. Relative references had no dollar signs. • Efficiency design goal definition = all calculations should be performed automatically by the spreadsheet. • 2 worksheet protection questions. Which cells need to be locked and protected? o What is the process for worksheet protection? o Data entry cells not protected ( protect headers and calculations) Step 1 : Unlock the cells • U can udjust what has been
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