CS 1114- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 53 pages long!)

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Post-lab assessment with aid of partner and open-note. Notes: c or better is required for subsequent course. Lab: assignments released near start of the week. Homework: assignment i due w, 8/30; observe lab i assignment; purchase textbook. Upcoming assessments: reading quiz i due s, 9/03 at 23:59. Notes: act button runs bits and pieces of the program step by step with each subsequent click. Homework: log into webcat; run greenfoot (get the actor classes). Extending creates a special version of a given class. Every class extends a parent class; if nothing is written, java assumes it extends the object class. Public mylevel2(){ is an example of a constructor. Sans new methods, code becomes very long, repetitive, and harder to understand and find errors. Declaring new classes: public class ________ extends _______ Lab quiz i due f, 9/01 at 16:30. Reading quiz i due s, 9/03 at 23:59. Constructors initialize objects; same name as class never have an empty constructor.

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