MATH 1205 Midterm: MATH 1205 VT 1205c Test f f07

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15 Feb 2019

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Instructions: please enter your name, id number, form designation, and your crn on the op-scan sheet. The crn should be written in the box labeled course". Darken the appropriate circles below your id number and below the form designation letter. Mark your answers to the test questions in row s 1 through 17 of the op-scan sheet. Your score on this test will be the number of correct answers. You have one hour to complete this portion of the exam: determine the value of lim x 3. 9 x 2 , if it exists: 0, 3, - 3, the limit does not exist, which of the statements below is true about the functions f (x) = x 2 4 x 2 9. 2x 1, if x > 2: only f is continuous at x=2, only g is continuous at x=2, both f and g are continuous at x=2, neither function is continuous at x=2.