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BIO 290 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Beta-Carotene, Golgi Apparatus, Vitamin AExam

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BIO 290
Zana Zawahri
Study Guide

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Bio 290 quiz 1
1. How many adenosine triphosphates, otherwise known as ATP are produced in aerobic energy
a. 2
b. 4
c. 34
d. 36
2. Which deficiency causes Tay-Sach’s disease?
a. Proteasome
b. Peroxisome
c. Macrophage
d. Lysosomal enzymes
3. Which acts as a blueprint for the construction of proteins?
a. Transfer RNA
b. Mitochondrial DNA
c. Messenger RNA
d. Ribosomal RNA
4. The cellular organelle responsible for propelling mucous and inhaled debris out of the lungs is
called what?
a. Cilia
b. Secretory vesicle
c. Endoplasmic reticulum
d. Microfilament
5. What is also called the protein factory of the cell?
a. Ribosome
b. Golgi apparatus
c. Mitochondria
d. Endoplasmic reticulum
e. None of the above
6. True or False. Freeradicals are also called antioxidants. Examples of them are Vitamin A, C, E,
and betacarotene. T F
7. True or false. The Mitochondrion requires protein, fats, carbs, and oxygen to produce energy.
8. A mitochondrion produces how many ATP during the Kreb’s Cycle?
a. 36
b. 34
c. 38
d. 43
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