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Wake Forest University
Bernadine Barnes

Steve Michaelsen Art 103 Dr. Barnes Italian Gothic (1300-1350)  Duccio di Buoninsegna (1300-1350)  Was considered “the greatest master of the Sienese school of Painting”  Painted the Altarpiece/MAESTA for the Siena Cathedral to honor Virgin Mary and her importance to the city of Siena  Maesta Alterpiece (1308-1311) (p.209)  Siena wanted to honor Virgin Mary because people believed that Virgin Mary helped Siena defeat Florence in Battle of Monteperti in 1260  Altarpiece has 7’ tall central panel with 7 pinnacles and predella (raised shelf)  Virgin and Child Enthrones with Saints (principal panel of Maesta Altarpiece) Siena Cathedral, Siena, Italy (1308-1311)  Giotto di Bondone (1266-1337) (p. 206-209)  Pioneer in “NATURALISM”  Displaced Byzantine style  Initiated “early scientific age”  Considered the first renaissance painter  Arena Chapel (1305-1306)  Chapel in Padua, Italy  Think BLUE  Chiaroscuro  Three Layers of Fresco (p. 208)  Arricio (brown coat)-Rough layer of lime plaster on wall  Sinopia-Burnt orange pigment used to transfer arriccio composition  Intonaco-applied over the sinopia (cartoon) drawing  Early Italian Renaissance (1400-1450)  Filippo Brunelleschi (1377-1446)  Ghiberti vs. Brunelleschi relief panel competition Florence Baptistery  Sacrifice of Isaac-Relief panel (1401-1402)  Lorenzo Ghibert (1378-1455)  Unlike medieval predecessors, showed appreciation of “nude male form and a deep interest in the muscular/skeletal systems  Interest in antique sculptural models  Early humanist  Sacrifice of Isaac (1401-1402)-WON  Florence Baptistery doors- “Gates of Paradise” 1425  No quatrefoil frames  Alberti’s system of linear perspective-1435 (see pg. 232)  Early Modern Renaissance in Northern Europe (1400-1450)  Map of Flanders and Burgundy, 15 century (p. 218)  Gothic art for the Kings and Queens of France  Dedication pg. of the Bible with King/Queen of France + two monks (1226-1234)  Blanch of Castile, Louis IX, and two monks, dedication page of a moralized bible (1226-1234) Ink, tempera, and gold lea
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