SPC 255 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Functional Skills Qualification

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27 Feb 2017
Amy Louie
Chapter 4 (pp. 82-97)
Hardman, 11th ed.
Study Questions with Answers
1. The text refers to “transition planning.” What is meant by transition in this chapter?
Transition from school to adult life
2. What decisions need to be made as a student leaves HS?
Student must have both formal (government funded) and natural support. Formal
supports are health care, employment, preparation, and supported living. Natural
supports are family members and other networks that prepare the adolescents with a
disability for adult life.
3. What did Hasazi, Furney and DeStefano report about the post-secondary (post High School)
outcomes for individuals with disabilities?
Special education graduates in the 1990s had higher unemployment rates, lower rates
of participation in postsecondary education, and less extensive support networks than
their peers without disabilities.
4. In 2001, how many adults with severe disabilities were waiting for residential day treatment
centers or family support services?
Nearly 72,000 adults with severe disabilities were waiting for residential day treatment
centers or family support services.
5. What were the findings of research for individuals with disabilities in terms of engagement
in school and work, or preparation for work?
The National Longitudinal Transition Study 2 reported that progress had been made
in several areas (high school completion, living arrangements, social involvement
further education and employment rates).
6. What does research suggest is the single most powerful force in preparing an adolescent
with a disability for the adult years?
Family unit
7. What is meant by the term, “transition services?
Transition services are different activities that are designed to facilitate the move from
school to employment, further education, vocational training, independent living, and
community participation
8. When do adult service agencies become involved in planning supports like career, education
or mental health counseling, job training and support, such as a job coach, and further
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