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Mechanical Engineering
Chris Ford

Chapter 5 Energy Equation for a Control MassMonday 11 November 2013915 PMFirst law of thermodynamics conservation of energy lawThis chapter looks at the energy balance of a systemThe First Law of Thermodynamics for a Control Mass undergoing a CycleFirst Law of thermodynamics states that during any cycle a system undergoes the cyclic integral of heat is proportional to cyclic integral of work If E is the energy of the system for a constant mass Therefore from state 1 to state 2Einternal energy Ukinetic energy KEpotential energy PEKinetic energy where vis equal to velocity Potential energy Which giveswhich simplifies down towhen there is no change in kinetic or potential energyInternal Energy A Thermodynamic PropertyInternal energy U extensive property depends on mass of systemKinetic and potential energies are also extensiveCan also be an intensive property specific internal energy u which shows internal energy per unit of massInternal energy may be used as an independe
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