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Chapter 1

NURS1000 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Critical Thinking, Nursing Process

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sianna crochett

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Notes from a critical thinking video watched in a tutorial:
Critical thinking is the basis of decision making. It is purposeful, reflective and goal
Critical thinking is the cognitive process used to develop and implement the nursing
Critical thinking allows nurses to recognise behaviour patterns, anticipate client
needs, develop care plans that promote health and wellbeing, make well-reasoned
Levels of critical thinking: basic, complex and commitment
The basic level is when someone trusts the experts and their thinking is based on
rules/principles, follows step by step processes without adjusting to the patients
Complex: thinking is separated from the experts because they analyse situations
independently, recognises alternate processes to solve problems, more creative,
follows procedures but is flexible in approach.
Commitment: makes independent decisions, takes accountability/responsibility.
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