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State responses to victims Policy responsesWhat is a policyA plan or course of action of a government political party or business intended to influence and determine decisions actions and other mattersA Policy is a concise formal statement of principles which indicate how the organisation will act in a particular area of its operation In short policy provides members of the organization with the approved way of operating in relation to a particular matterRole o Policy often plays important roles within organisationso Provides the principles which dictate how the members of the organisation act o Those principles are derived from and shaped by the law and regulations that govern the organisation national standards and community expectations and the values and mission the organisation articulates in its strategic planWhy we need it o As individuals the way in which we actchoose to act is likely to be very different in different circumstances and sometimes we need a consistent response o In light of the CJSwe have people who are transgressing these rules and the legit expectations of them as members of society and need to understand how the CJS is likely to respond to them o To victimshow the govt state org group of people political people etc responds to victims when it is interactingseeks to interact with themSupernational responses1985Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power o Decided in 80s after a lot of incidents incl abuses of power at a state level and grew an understanding that states respond to different victims of crime or abuses of power in different waysTalks in grand languageabstract and concreteabstract because it requires states to take action but doesnt say what that action actually is other than improving responding adequately to the needs of victims etcUN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice to develop a manual on the application of the Declaration o Led to a great deal of inactionthe Declaration had minimal impact o Economic and social councilDecided that they needed something more concrete examples and understandings about what they want o Decided that they need to develop a manual on the operationalisation putting into action of the Declaration turning it into actual steps to improve the situationThe Victim Empowerment ProgrammeVision
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