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Chapter Tutorial 1 discussion

10012 Chapter Tutorial 1 discussion: What is role of sport and exercise psychology in society?

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Richard Keegan
Tutorial 1 discussion

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Tutorial 1 notes - What is role of sport and exercise psychology in society?
QUESTION - What does this exercise tell us about the role of sport and exercise
wellbeing v performance
Who is the client? Who determines the role? Who do they answer to? Who do you
communicate with
Role clarity: who do you focus your work on?
Only one issue sport vs exercise
Who do you focus on? The 'athlete', the 'individual' or the 'team'
How is success measured for a sports psychologist? Is it through the athletes physical
performance or their mental wellbeing? Depends on the athletes goals?
Activity one
Decide what type of organisation you are - sport, exercise, size, budget
You need to recruit a psychologist
Create a role description - minimum include (a) essential and (b) desirable attributes
Create interview questions - that you could ask a candidate being interviewed for the
1. Organisation: Australian men's basketball team
2. Budget: large budget
3. Scope: 3 sports psychologists to assist with mental wellbeing and injury rehabilitation
and deal with stress involved with being in the Australian squad and to give players
someone to talk to outside of the team
4. Role description: part time with an increase in hours around competition time
a. Essential attributes:
i. experience with working with elite/sub-elite athletes and understanding of
the demands these athletes are under
ii. Knowledge of basketball and types of athletes involved in the sport
iii. Strong communication skills
iv. Highly ethical
v. Availability to travel
vi. Approachable
b. Desirable attributes:
i. PhD or masters
ii. Flexible with hours
iii. Adaptable
iv. Worked with basketball athletes prior to this
v. Worked alongside other psychologists as a part of a team
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