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Chapter Tutorial 4 Discussion

10012 Chapter Notes - Chapter Tutorial 4 Discussion: Body Image, Psychoeducation, Health Psychology

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Richard Keegan
Tutorial 4 Discussion

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Tutorial 4 Constraints and Limitations in Sports Psychology
What sort of people and groups might be in need of support from an exercise
Exercise psychologists work with the general public to increase motivation and
participation in exercise, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and advising on the
psychosocial benefits that exercise can offer.
In patients at the hospital
Rehab patients
Older population to ensure they continue exercise to assist with maintaining bone
strength and cognitive function etc
Obese population to get them started and moving
What sort of problems and issues might they have?
No motivation to do exercise
Balancing their lifestyle to ensure they can do some physical activity
counselling clients who are ill, in poor physical or mental health and who may benefit
from participation in more regular exercise
advising individuals about the benefits, both physical and psychological, that can be
derived from exercise
working with individuals and groups in a variety of settings including GP surgeries,
employers' premises, the client's home, clinical settings and local fitness centres
devising, implementing and evaluating exercise programs based on the needs of the
providing counselling and consultations to a cross-section of the public including people
who are depressed, GP referrals, people in prison or groups of employees as part of a
workplace-exercise programs
Fear of re-injury
Financial limitations or issues
What other professional and/or practitioners might also be working with the client at
the same time?
Personal trainers
Gym instructors
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