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Chapter 18

7121 Chapter Notes - Chapter 18: Mortality Rate, Population Ageing

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CHAPTER 18: The end of the lifespan: death, dying and bereavement
Death as a lifespan developmental process
- Bereavement: is a crisis event that impacts on all key aspects of the lifespan development of the
bereaved survivors
Longevity in the world today
- Life expectancy over 70yrs men, 80yrs women
- Twice as long as in 1840
- Medical advances such as antibiotics helped
- Aus has very high life expectancy
- Adults who live to be 100
- Should double by 2020
- Japan; girl born in 2001 has a 50% chance of being 100
- ¼ Japanese women reach 93
Indigenous aus longevity
- Mortality rate 3x higher than anglo aus
- Infant mortality still very high
o6% total deaths
- 0.8% deaths are infant in aus anglo
- LE 59 for males, 65 females (2008)
- Greatest age diff is 35-44 and 45-544; 5 to 6 times higher death rates than aus
- 75% men die before 65, compared to 25% aus men
- 3 times more likely for men to die from cvd than aus men, 2.5 times for female
Psychological impact of population longevity
- Harder when death outside of societal norms ie young death
- Ageing population
oHealth care shortages for aged care
Deaths natural causes
- Highest ie cancer, heart disease = preventable
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