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Jonathan Tyler

Warwick Sharp Tutor Juliana Power is a necessary but dangerous facet of organisation DiscussIn this essay I will discuss the discrepant nature of power and its importance to organisation by voicing my beliefs to the two sides of this argument that power is necessary but dangerous facet of organisation On one side I can understand that organisation is based on its relationship with power and that it could never work without it however on the other side its very clear that power in the wrong hands can be dangerous and I believe it to be the most vicious aspect of organisation I will convey my argument in three concise sections with the first raised by Knights and Robert about the importance of power to an organisation concluding with the realization that organisation is the exercise of power WrayBliss 2010 pers com 10 March The second section discussing a form of power present in organisations known as domination and explored through Bakans idea of the psychopathic face of corporations Bakan 2004 The third section I will continue on the second form of power authority and discuss it in relation to Milgrams experiment highlighting power as a dangerous facet of organisation Milgram 2007 How much power is necessary and at what amount does power become dangerous are questions that only management can decide however it is very important for whoever dealing with such potential power to understand the risks and cautions involvedPower as the Structural Roots of OrganisationWeber the founding voice of power in organisational studies explained power as Person A doing something to Person B to cause Person B to do something they wouldnt normally undertake cited by Klegg Kornberger and Pitsis 2008 I understand power to be the ability to force somebody to do something they particularly wouldnt want to do ensuring people act according to the rules Klegg et al 2008 p256 As Knights and Roberts demonstrate power is typically treated as an individual1
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