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PSYC 3243
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thChapter 10 The Independent Samples t TestMarch 19 Conducting an IndependentSamples t TestIndependent sample t test used to compare two means for a betweengroups design a situation in which each participant is assigned to only one conditionUses a distribution of differences between meansBiggest difference that this makes it takes more work to estimate the standard error A Distribution of Differences Between MeansLooking at overall differences between two independent groupsWe create a distribution of differences between means in order to establish that the distribution specifies the null hypothesis 6 Steps of an IndependentSamples t Test 1 Identify the populations distribution and assumptions 2 State the null and research hypothesis 3 Determine the characteristics of the comparison distributionThere are three degrees of freedom calculationsFirst calculate the degrees of freedom for the first sample subtract 1 from theof participants in the sample dfxN1Then calculate the degrees of freedom for the second sample subtract 1 from the number of participants in that sample dfyN1Finally sum the degrees o
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