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Chapter 1

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BIOL 204
Dr.Roland Treu

CHAPTER 1 LIGHT AND LIFE11 The Physical Nature of LightLight serves 2 important fns for life on Earth eg green alga C reinhardtii uses it for both1source of energy 2provides info abt phys world11a What is Lightenergy from sun electromagnetic radiation speed of light oriented at 90 degrees to each other and wave consists of packets of light photonsenergy inversely related to its wavelength eg blue light w shorter wavehigher energy VS red light w longer wavedistinguish radiation by wavelength distance btwn 2 successive peakslightportion of electromagnetic spectrum humans eyes can detect 400 nm of blue light to 700 nm red light outside rangeultraviolet and infrared radiation11b Light Interacts with MatterWhen photons hit an object1reflected off 2transmitted t only way to be used3absorbed pigmentmol that absorbs in differing wavelengths able to absorb bc of region where C atoms are covalently bondedw altg sg and dbl bonds conjugated system11c Why Chlorophyll is Greenphoton absorbedenergy transferred to electron ground to excited state stndofor chlorophyll only 2 excited states 1 lower layer red light 2 higher layer blue lightogreen cannot be absorbed no matching energy level TF reflected by pigment molaction sp
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