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Chapter 3

psy290 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Intellectual Disability, Content Validity, Fluid And Crystallized IntelligencePremium

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general science
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Key Terms
Achievement test: gauge a person’s mastery and knowledge of various subjects
Adoption studies: research with adopted children provides useful evidence about the
impact of experience as well as heredity
Aptitude test: assess specific types of mental abilities
Construct validity: the extent to which there is evidence that a test measures a particular
hypothetical construct
Content validity: refers to the degree to which the content of a test is representative of
the domain it’s supposed to cover
Convergent thinking: one tries to narrow down a list of alternatives to converge on a
single correct answer
Correlation coefficient: a numerical index of the degree of relationship between two
Creativity: involves the generation of ideas that are original, novel, and useful
Criterion-related validity: is estimated by correlating subject’s scores on a test with their
scores on an independent criterion (another measure) of the trait assessed by the test
Crystallized intelligence: involves ability to apply acquired knowledge and skills in
problem solving
Deviation IQ scores: that locates subjects precisely within the normal distribution, using
the standard deviation as the unit of measurement
Divergent thinking: one tries to expand the range of alternatives by generating many
possible solutions
Down syndrome: a condition marked by distinctive physical characteristics that is
associated with mild to severe intellectual disability
Emotional intelligence: consists of the ability to perceive and express emotion,
assimilate emotion in thought, understand and reason with emotion, and regulate
Factor analysis: correlations among many variables are analyzed to identify closely
related clusters of variables
Fluid intelligence: involves reasoning ability, memory capacity, and speed of information
Fragile X syndrome: a mutation in the inherited gene, a common cause of intellectual
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