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Textbook Notes for BU477 at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)

BCITBU477Tom HaffieFall

BU477 Chapter 7-9: April 22 Growth Minutes

OC9773311 Page
The idea of the video for the bdi program. John spoke about having testimonials in the videos and communicating that other people have had a positive e
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BU477 Chapter Notes -Know Your Customer, Risk Aversion, Ion

OC34802910 Page
Allowable activities by a non registered staff: advise that we sell mf"s, refer to sales rep, receive redemption requests to forward to a rep, distribu
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BCITBU477C S IWinter

BU477 Chapter Notes -Canada Business Corporations Act, Insider Trading, William Morris Endeavor

OC3480294 Page
Memorandum of understanding (an agreement between regulatory bodies to work together in certain areas of regulation) It will be dealing directly with i
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