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Textbook Notes for Accounting at Brock University (BROCKU)

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BROCK UACTG 1P11Hui Di WangFall

ACTG 1P11 Chapter Notes - Chapter 17: Direct Labor Cost, Aadhaar, Job Production

OC40103941 Page
6 Feb 2015
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BROCK UACTG 2P40BooksWinter

ACTG 2P40 Chapter Notes -Certification Mark, Liquidated Damages, Limited Liability Partnership

OC26820466 Page
8 Apr 2014
Chapter 1 introduction to law (2 contrasting theories of law) 1st stream of natural law is based on religious belief", when a religion sets moral and e
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BROCK UACTG 1P91Linda StillabowerFall

ACTG 1P91 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Financial Statement, Income Statement, Retained Earnings

OC141312 Page
28 Sep 2011
Assets: resources available to the entity to generate more resources. Retained earnings: earnings generated that the company has kept. Accounting: an i
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BROCK UACTG 3P41Michael EspinozaFall

ACTG 3P41 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Equalization Payments

OC6551408 Page
11 Dec 2016
Employment income is reported on a calendar year basis, individuals always ends dec 31. Self employed also have dec 31 year end, or they must use a mor
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BROCK UACTG 1P71Professor CottrelWinter

Law Terms.docx

OC2716122 Page
15 Apr 2014
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BROCK UACTG 1P91Omar RoubiFall

ACTG 1P91 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: International Financial Reporting Standards, Financial Statement, Financial Audit

OC11685823 Page
10 Oct 2016
Using accounting information to run a business, used at all levels of the business. Me(cid:373)(cid:271)e(cid:396)s of the (cid:271)oa(cid:396)d of di(
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BROCK UACTG 4P11BrownWinter

ACTG 4P11 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Net Income, Management, Cash Flow

OC2345073 Page
14 Jan 2014
Especially to managers, even if there is no cash flow effect. Per accounting principle board (apb) expense does not need to be recorded if intrinsic va
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BROCK UACTG 2P12Darlene BayFall

ACTG 2P12 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Total Absorption Costing, Expense, Lean Manufacturing

OC16048635 Page
13 Mar 2017
Inventory costing methods: absorption costing, all manufacturing costs are charged to (absorbed by) the product, variable costing, only direct material
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BROCK UACTG 1P11Hui Di WangFall

ACTG 1P11 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Abbott Laboratories, Weighted Arithmetic Mean, Catalan Shawm

OC40103935 Page
6 Feb 2015
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BROCK UACTG 2P12Darlene BayFall

ACTG 2P12 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Total Absorption Costing, Finished Good

OC16048636 Page
13 Mar 2017
Peter, benjamin, and beatrix have each been hired to manage a division of lop company. They all make the same product, but in a different location. Eac
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BROCK UACTG 1P91Sohyung KimFall

ACTG 1P91 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Retained Earnings, Deferral, Accrual

OC1886423 Page
2 Oct 2013
4 adjustments and closing: two types of adjustments: deferral and accrual. 1. 1 deferral adjustments are used to update accounts that are previously re
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BROCK UACTG 3P11Norman ChasseWinter

ACTG 3P11 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Management Consulting, Internal Control, Financial Statement

OC1074261 Page
17 Apr 2013
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