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Michael J.Bidochka

Microorganisms are singlecelled microscopic organism and include viruses which are microscopic but not cellular Microbial cells differ in a fundamental way from cells of plants and animals in that microorganisms are independent entitles that carry out their life processes independently of other cells All cells show some form of metabolism They take up nutrients from the environment and transform them into new cell materials and waste products during these transformations energy is conserved in a form that can be drawn upon by the cell to support the synthesis of key structures Production of the new structures culminates in the division of the cell to form two cells The term growth refers to the increase in cell number from cell division Evolution the process of descent with modification in which genetic variants are selected based on their reproductive fitness Typically a slow process but can occur rapidly in microbial cells when selective pressure is strongMotility allows cells to move away from danger or unfavorable conditions and to exploit new resources
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