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Chapter 18

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Lydia W.L.Chen

Chapter 18 – Electrochemistry 18.1 – Redox Reactions • Electrochemistry is a branch of chemistry that deals with the conversions between electrical and chemical energy. o Electrochemical processes are redox reactions.  The energy released from a spontaneous reaction is converted to electricity  Electrical energy is used to cause a non-spontaneous reaction to occur. Balancing Redox Reactions Ion-Electron Method • The overall reaction is split into its half reactions. Then, the half reactions are balanced separately. o First, all atoms other than O and H are balanced. • If the reaction takes place under acidic conditions, H O mol2cules are added to balance the O atoms. Then H are added to balance the H atoms. If the charges are not equal on both sides of the reaction, electrons are added. Then, the half reactions are multiplied by whole numbers so that there are an equal number of electrons in both reactions. Then, the half reactions are added, and electrons are cancelled. • If the reaction takes place under basic conditions, the same steps as for acidic conditions are followed. Then the same number of OH as the number of H present are added to both sides of the equation. The - + OH combine with the H to form water (on one side of the equation). Then, H O are cancelled2on both sides of the equation.
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