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Chapter 15

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Chapter 15:Acids and Bases 15.1 – BronstedAcids and Bases Below is the equation and Lewis structure diagram for the ionization of acetic acid (CH COOH)3 The conjugate acid-base pairs are also shown in the diagram: - + ConjugateAcid-Base Pairs: CH COOH 3 CH COO and H3O – H O 2 3 Below Are Some Nitrogen Containing Bases: 15.2 – The Ammonia (NH ) 3 Methylamine NH CH 2 3 Dimethylamine Pyridine C 5 N5 Aniline C 6 N5 2 (CH )3 2 Acid-Base Properties of Water Below are the equation and a diagramic representation of the autoionization of water: 15.4 – Strength ofAcids and Bases 15.10 –Acid-Base Properties of Salts • In the examples discussed in slides 3 and 4 of lecture 44, the cations of the salts were alkali metals. There is a very small interaction between alkali metal ions and alkaline earth metal ions. This is why it is assumed that they do not react with water and do not change 3+e pH3+f water.3+ • However, smaller and highly charged ions such asAl , Cr and Fe have much greater interactions with water. In water, Al becomes hydrated by 6 H O, resulting inAl(H O) . 3+
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