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Chapter 1

ENGL 2P13 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Working Class Hero

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Natalee Caple

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In calamity’s wake
Who is Calamity Jane? Beginning perceptions?
oCalamity Jane? Wo is this? No one is really familiar with her.
oLike Billy the kid – she’s a real person, but her story has been distorted.
oHer parents died and she had to take care of her 6 siblings.
Most likely a &ctional novel.
Focuses on mythology.
These legends were socially constructed by other peoples perspectives.
Two narrators –
oIs this e*ective?
Evolved the way we look at miettes.
The dual descriptions of both of their stories help put the &nal
epilogue nicely together.
On page 136 – Martha described eyes are beautiful and that’s all
there is which makes us look more in depth.
Written in a pastiche form like billy the kid. Coming of age and adventure
Metahistographic form of writing – references itself. Which we see between
both narrators.
Racism is addressed – racial issues are addressed.
o259 – telling the Indians tog et o* their land. The west was not an
empty space, and what the Indians experiences was cruel and they
were forced o* their lands and their homes were stolen.
oWhite people kill all the bu*alos to starve the Indians.
Focus of miettes childhood –
Calamity is known to be on the Indians side. She is no hooker with the heart
of gold she goes against the typical western woman.
She also de&ned feminism – she focused on equality.
She was treated like cattle – father – husband – make babies.
She wanted to be more than that and take her life onto her own hands.
When she left Martha behind to become calamity she essentially became a
man, she destroyed whatever was left of Martha.
Appearance of calamity jane – too strong, too square, too solid in the back –
page 15 – shes not attractive because she lacks typical feminine features.
She was unattractive but she was still admired by others because of her
Perfect example of the trope of the western hero – an innocent, working class
hero, she ignores class and gender ideas shes very much a social construct.
Everyone knows calamity through one story and how her daughter is learning
all these little stories seeing shes not as bad as they say and shes breaking
down those walls claiming shes a bad mother.
Page 155 – Indian act is mentioned – making the Indians leave their
reservations without compensation.
Connections to &lms and other novels – a lot of crossover in this book and the
outlander. Theres a lot of simialrities between the characters.
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