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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Teresa Menzies

CHAPTER 3Ownership of an Enterprise Built to LastConcentrated Ownership Results in higher overall corporate productivityThe higher performance seemed to be related to the different posture taken by these firms toward diversification and investment in training and development and research and developmentInvestments in the Ownership Subsystem If a family business is going to preserve one of its intangible yet welldocumented competitive advantagesits propensity to manage with a longterm horizoninvestments in the ownership subsystem is essentialThat means investing in oThe design and execution of an appropriate ownership and control structure oThe education access to information and engagement of shareholders oThe creation of institutions that govern the ownershipfirm interactionShareholder Meetings Represent one of the best opportunities to educate owners about their responsibilities and what the company and its management expect of shareholders Allow for financial business and competitive informationsharing and communication on other issues critical to a family firm in a disciplined and proactive manner Represent the best safeguard to a healthy governance of the familys influence on
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