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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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Dirk De Clercq

CHAPTER 5 THEORY PROBLEM DEFINITION FRAMEWORK AND RESEARCH DESIGNStarting from Theory First stage to evaluate a collation of previous research and locate or develop a model or theory A theory or model proposes relationships between abstract concepts and allows for generalizations based on individual situations and factsif no previous research is identified or is or meagre quality then defining a research problem or research question is necessaryExamples of Theoryseat belts reduce the rate of fatalities in car accidentsconsumer confidence is reflected in retail salesapprentices success depends on their commitment to the tradeHow do we express a theory or model With a verbal statement We can state Pythagoras famous theory as the square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides in a right angled triangleSimilarly we could have a theory that states that leadership style influences employee retention rates a relationship that is mediated through employee stress levelExpressing a theory As an equation22222We can express Pythagoras theory as ABC or CAB Conceptual FrameworkGraphically visual representation enables the theorys essential elements and relationships to stand out better than in a verbose explanation leadership employee retention stylestressrate Often the outcome of a review of the academic literature or of qualitative research is a theory which may be defined graphically in a conceptual frameworkA conceptual framework explicitly describes proposed relationships between abstract concepts represented by ellipsesTo test or evaluate a theory we need to be able to make measurements or things which represent each of the abstract concepts in our Conceptual Framework
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