Organizational Strategy, Competitive Advantage, and Information Systems [Chapter Two]

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Brock University
Information Technology Information Systems
Tejaswini Herath

Hardware refers to the physical equipment used for the input processing output and storage activities of a computer system Consists of Central processing unit CPUpreforms the actual computation Primary storage Secondary storage Input technologies Output technologies Communication technologies Execution of an Instruction Machine Cycle Instruction phase Execution phaseStep 1 Fetch instructionStep 2 Decode instructionStep 3 Execute instruction x is added to ydone through ALUStep 4 Store results Machine Cycle Time combination of instruction time and execution timeMIPS Millions of Instructions Per Second 1CPUCentral Processing Unit The collection of digital currents imprinted on silicon wafers or chips each no bigger than the tip of a pencil eraserStorage Primary StorageRandom Access Memory RAMtemporaryvolatile 1Registers 2Random Access MemoryRAM Temporary and volatile 3Read Only MemoryROM Permanent and nonvolatile 4Cache Memory Highspeed quicker access than main memory Secondary StorageHard DriveOptical DiskFlash Drivepermanentnonvolatile Memory capacity that can store very large amounts of data for extended periods of time 1Magnetic tape sequential access 2Magnetic disks hard disks direct accessHard Drives 3Optical storage devices A form of secondary storage in which a laser reads the device CDROM 4Flash memory devices USB 1 Moores LawMicroprocessor complexity would double every two years
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