Chapter 12

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Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources
Dave Whitehead

CHAPTER 12BEST PRACTISES IN NEGOTIATIONS1 BE PREPARED understand own interests and how to articulate them setting aspirations for negotiation that are high but achievable optimal vs suboptimal 2 DIAGNOSE THE FUNDAMENTAL STRUCTURE OF THE NEGOTIATION distributive vs integrative or mix 3 IDENTIFY AND WORK THE BATNA alternatives available if no agreement is reached BATNAlikely to be chosen aware of other partys4 BE WILLING TO WALK AWAYREAL GOAL reach a good outcome not necessarily an agreement make regular comparisons with the targets they set during the planning stage comparing their progress during negotiation against their walkaway and BATNA 5 MASTER PARADOXES claiming value vs creating value sticking by your principles vs being resilient sticking with the strategy vs opportunistic pursuit of new options honest and open vs closed and opaque dilemma of honesty trust vs distrust dilemma of trust6 REMEMBER THE INTANGIBLESwinning avoiding loss looking tough or strong to others not looking weak being fair etc look for behaviour of other party as well as gather info ask
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