Chapter 7

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Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources
Dave Whitehead

CHAPTER 7NEGOTATION POWER AND PERSUASIONSOURCES OF POWERHOW PEOPLE ACQUIRE POWER informational sources of power power based on position in an organization network or relationshipbased sources of power and contextual sources of power BATNA culture agents constituencies and external audiencesDANCING WITH ELEPHANTSBIGGER OPPONENT 1 never do an allornothing deal 2 make the other party smaller 3 make yourself bigger 4 build momentum trough doing deals in sequence 5 use the power of competition to leverage power 6 constrain yourself 7 good information is always a source of power 8 do what you can to manage the processpower can be highly elusive and fleeting in negotiationalmost anything can be a source of power if it gives the negotiator a temporary advantage power is only the capacity to influence requiring sophistication and experience2 ROUTES TO PERSUASION 1 Central routetype of persuasion using direct behaviours and statements3 major issues when constructing a message context structure delivery style 1 make the offer attractive to the oth
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