Chapter 3

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Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources
Dave Whitehead

CHAPTER 3STRATEGY AND TACTICS OF INTEGRATIVE NEGOTIATIONOVERVIEW OF INTEGRATIVE NEGOTIATION PROCESS those wishing to achieve integrative results find that they must manage both the context and process of the negotiation to gain the cooperation and commitment of all parties key contextual factors includecreating a free flow of informationattempting to understand the other negotiators real needs and objectivesemphasizing commonalities between partiessearching for solutions that meet the goals and objectives of bothpartiesCREATING A FREE FLOW OF INFORMATION failure to reach integrating agreements often linked to failure to exchange enough information to allow parties to identify integrative optionsnegotiators must be willing to reveal their true objectives and listen to each other carefully must create conditions for a free and open discussion of all related issuesconcerns willingness to share is not a characteristic of distributive bargaining situations in which parties may distrust one another conceal manipulative information and attempt to learn about other purely for own competitive advantageATTEMPTING TO UNDERSTAND OTHER NEGOTIATORS REAL NEEDS AND OBJECTIVES one must understand the others needs before helping to satisfy them negotiators are aware of possibility that others priorities are not the same and can stimulate parties to exchange more information understand nature of negotiation better and achieve higher joint profits integrative agreements are facilitated when parties exchange information about their priorities for particular issues but not necessarily their positions negotiators must make a true effort to understandcontrast to distribu
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