chapter 5 - leadership challenge

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Brock University
Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources
Barry Wright

September 27, 2012 The Leadership Challenge – Chapter 5 The overall message from this chapter was that in order to enlist others, you must be able to appeal to common ideals and animate the shared vision. To appeal to common ideals, the leader must understand the shared vision and truly exemplify it. This means that the leader must not push their ideas upon others, but instead create meaning out of a vision that already exists among the group. The leader must also make it a point to encourage distinction from their team compared to competition. If the leader can ignite passion, celebrate uniqueness, and create that motivation for others to want to work hard to fulfill a common goal, they have enlisted others. This is done by animating the shared vision, which consists of using symbolic language, creating images of the future, practicing positive communication, expressing emotions, and speaking genuinely. If the leader can show team members what the ideal situation that they are working towards pieces together and feels, then others have a clearer sense of the direction in which they are headed, and in turn follow willingly. It is esp
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