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Ultimate Questions 2

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David Hayes

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19042012 1Ultimate QuestionsThinking About Philosophyrd3EditionNils Ch Rauhut2Chapter Two Philosophical Tools3Logical ConsistencyRequires that all claims can be true at the same timeor the result is logical inconsistencyLogical inconsistency creates contradictions which simultaneously assert and deny somethingReason demands logical consistency4PossibilityTwo formsCausal possibilitya state of affairs that does not violate the laws of naturenot useful in philosophyLogical possibilitywhat we can conceive of in our minds as possibleuseful in philosophy for detecting contradictions5Philosophical Definitions1Lexicaldictionary definitionlimited use in philosophy2Realexplains the essential nature of a thing or phenomenonestablished by necessary and sufficient conditions6The Basic Structure of ArgumentsThe Claim Conclusionthat the argument establishesThe Reasons Premisesoffered in support of the claim7Standard FormUsed to accurately assess the value of argum
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