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Chapter 6

Sacks Ch. 6 Phantoms

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Kathryn Belicki

Sacks Ch 6 Phantoms February2912 901 PM Phantom persistent imagememory of a part of the body usually a limb for months to years after its loss Such body image disorders might be influenced by either central factors stimulationdamage to sensory cortex especially parietal lobes or peripheral condition of nervestumpneuromas nervedamage nerveblock nervestimulation disturbances in spinal nerverootssensory tracts in cord Neuromas pinched nerve or nerve tumourPhantom finger Cut off right index finger 40 years afterward intrusive phantom of finger rigidly extended as it was when cut off Afraid poke his eye when put hand near face Developed severe sensory diabetic neuropathy lost all sensation of fingers including phantom Central pathological stroke can cure phantoms Disappearing phantom limbs Amputees its essential for them to have phantom limb for them to work with artificial limb Lose of phantom can be disastrous Can wake upresurrect phantom by means of different things Ex flex limb and slap it until it wakes up P
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