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Chapter 12

Ch. 12 Personality

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Kathryn Belicki

Ch 12 Personality February2812 131 PM Personality A persons unique and relatively stable behavior patterns Character Personal characteristics that have been judged or evaluated desirable and undesirable qualities Temperament hereditary aspects of personality including sensitivity levels prevailing mood irritability adaptability Personality traits stable qualities that a person shows in most situations influence our health marital occupational success personality starts to stabilize around 3 and continues to harden until 50 Behavioral genetics study of inherited behavioral traits and tendencies medical and psychological testing shows that identical twins reared in separate homes are very much alike heredity is responsible for 2550 variation in many personality traits personality is blend of heredity and environment biology and culture Personality type style of personality defined by a group of related traits Carl Jung said people are either Introvert attention is focused inward shy reserved selfcentered Extrovert attention is directed outward bold outgoing Selfconcept persons perception of their own personality traits built out of daily experiences can greatly affect our behavior and personal adjustment especially when inaccurate Selfesteem regarding oneself as a worthwhile person positive evaluation of self Personality theory system of concepts assumptions ideas and principles used to understand and explain personality Four major perspectives Trait theories learn what traits make up personality and how they relate to actual behavior Psychodynamic theories focus o inner working of personality especially internal conflicts and struggles Behavioristic and social learning theories importance on external environment and on the effects of conditioning and learning Social learning theories attribute differences in personality to socialization expectations mental processes Humanistic theories stress private subjective experience and personal growth 18000 English words refer to personal characteristics introverts find it easier to talk online Trait theorists psychologist interested in classifying analyzing and interrelating traits to understand personality Common traits personality traits that are shared by most members of a particular culture Individual traits personality traits that define a persons unique individual qualities
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