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Chapter 10

Sacks Ch. 10 Witty Ticcy Ray

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Kathryn Belicki

Sacks Ch 10 Witty Ticcy Ray March1312 702 PM 1885 Gilles de la Tourette described Tourettes syndrome severity ranged from benign to grotesque no two cases are the same fight between the it and the I 1969 gave sleepysickness postencephalitic patients LDopa precursor of dopamine awakened from stupor and driven to show Tourette like syndromes met patient Ray and after seemed to be able to easily spot people showing Tourette symptoms 1974 Tourettes Syndrome Association formed In Tourettes where this is excitement of the emotions and the passions a disorder of the primal instinctual bases of behavior the disturbance seems to lie in the very highest parts of the old brain the thalamus hypothalamus limbic system and amygdala where the basic affective and instinctual determinants of personality are lodged p9596 missing link between body and mind chorea and mania seem to have excess of exciter transmitters in the brain especially dopamine Ray was 24 when he met him having troubles with keepin
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