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Chapter 14

Ch. 14 Psychological Disorders

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Ch 14 Psychological Disorders March1312 359 PM Psychopathology scientific study of mental emotional and behavioral disorders also abnormal or maladaptive behavior characterized by subjective discomfort personal feelings of pain unhappiness emotional distress person can be disturbed without feeling discomfort Statistical abnormality abnormality defined on the basis of an extreme score on some dimension ex IQ or anxiety statistical boundary lines tend to be somewhat arbitrary Social nonconformity disobeying public standards for acceptable conduct extreme nonconformity can lead to destructive or selfdestructive behavior before anything can be defined as abnormal must consider the situational context social situation behavior setting circumstances abnormal behavior has two core features Maladaptive difficult to adapt to the environment and meet the demands of daytoday life lose the ability to control thoughts behaviors feelings adequatelydeciding that a person needs help usually occurs when person does something that annoys or gains the attention of someone in a position of power in the persons life That person does something about it Insanity legal term that refers to a mental inability to manages ones affairs or to be aware of the consequences of ones actions psychological problems are classified by using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders fourth edition text revision DSMIVTR 2000 also helps to select best therapy Mental disorder a significant impairment in psychological functioning Psychotic disorder severe mental disorder characterized by a retreat from reality by hallucinations and delusions and by social withdrawal Organic mental disorder mentalemotional problem cause by brain diseases or injuries almost all mental disorders are partially biological thats why DSMIVTR does not list organic mental disorders separately Mood disorder major disturbance in moodemotion such as depression or mania Anxiety disorder disruptive feelings of fear apprehension anxiety or distortions in behavior that are anxiety related Dissociative disorder temporary amnesia multiple personality or depersonalization Somatoform disorder physical symptoms that mimic disease or injury for which there is no identifiable physical cause Personality disorder maladaptive personality pattern Sexual and gender identity disorder any of a wide range or difficulties with sexual identity deviant sexual behavior or sexual adjustment Substancerelated disorder abuse of or dependence on a mood or behavioraltering drug Neurosis outdated term once used to refer as a group to anxiety somatoform dissociative disorders and some forms of depression
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