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Chapter 15

Ch. 15 Therapies

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Kathryn Belicki

Ch 15 Therapies March2412 512 PM Psychotherapy any psychological technique that can bring about positive change in personality behavior or personal adjustment best approach varies for each person Dimensions of therapy Therapy Description of what it entails Individual Involves one client and one therapist GroupSeveral clients participate at the same time InsightAny psychotherapy whose goal is to lead clients to a deeper understanding of their thoughts emotions and behavior ActionAny therapy designed to bring about direct changes in troublesome thoughts habits feelings or behavior without seeking insight into their origins or meanings DirectiveAny approach which the therapist provides strong guidance Nondirective Clients assume responsibility for solving their own problems the therapist assists but does not guide or give advice Timelimited Therapy begun with the expectation that it will last only a limited number of sessions Supportive Therapists goal is to offer support rather than to promote personal change A person trying to get through an emotional crisis or one who wants to solve daytoday problems may benefit Positive Techniques designed to enhance personal strengths rather than fix weaknesses does not always fix everything many benefit from comfort support constructive changes therapy can provide even if a person is already doing well therapy can promote personal growth primitive ways of therapy fear superstitious belief in demons witchcraft magic dramatic cure of past was trepanning trephining boring chipping bashing holes into patients head to release pressure or expel evil spirits treatments focused on demonology study of demons and persons plagued by them used exorcism or worse torture to made the body inhospitable for demon to live thought today many of treated patients suffered epilepsy schizophrenia dissociative disorders and depression one reason for rise of demonology ergotism psychoticlike condition cause by ergot a fungus in grain fields source of LSD and other mindaltering chemicals poisoning 1793 emotionally disturbed now known as mentally ill
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