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Chapter 10

Cengage Now Chapter 10 Q and As

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Kathryn Belicki

Cengage Now: Chapter 10: Motivation and Emotion 1. Needs for power, affiliation, approval, status, security, and achievement are referred to as ________ motives. [learned] 2. Which of the following options best depicts the chain of events associated with the model of motivation described in the text? [need, drive, response, goal] 3. Emotion is often characterized by physiological change. Which of the following characteristics is subject to a bodily reaction due to emotion? [all of these (blood pressure, perspiration, heart rate)] 4. Which branch of the nervous system is responsible for "fleeing or fighting" during an emergency? [sympathetic] 5. Kevin was in a car accident where he sustained damage that totally destroyed the lateral area of his hypothalamus. How might this affect his eating habits? [he won’t eat] 6. ________ are low intensity emotional states that can last for extended periods of time. [moods] 7. Destroying the ventromedial hypothalamus will cause a rat to: [start eating] 8. Which of the following is a biological motive? [hunger] 9. As the levels of blood glucose ________, the ________ sends nerve impulses to the brain that signal "a desire to begin eating." [drop; liver] 10. Extracellular thirst occurs when water is lost from the fluids surrounding the cells of your body. Which of the following factors might cause this type of thirst? [drinking alcohol] 11. Which of the following illustrates a gender difference in emotional expression observed by Fischer and colleagues (2004) in Western cultures? [boys are encouraged to express anger and hostility] 12. Wendy is salaried and does not receive extra pay for overtime hours worked. One night, she stayed at the office in an effort to complete a project because she "wanted to do a good job and feel a sense of satisfaction when it was done." Wendy is _
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