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Cengage now ch 12 Q&As

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Kathryn Belicki

Cengage now Ch 12 Personality 1 Humanists view human nature as inherently good 2refers to the mental picture you have of your own personality selfconcept 3 Mark was described by a Freudian psychologist as someone who likes to shout curse and bite when he gets angry According to Freudian theory Mark has anpersonality oralaggressive 4 Micah wanted to assess the behavior of Joel a kindergartener Through a twoway mirror she conducted anwhere she counted the frequency of specific behaviors without his knowledge behavioral assessment 5 A person with low selfesteem is likely to be all of these insecure lacking in confidence selfcritical 6 Which of the following is NOT a limitation of the personality interview methodology it is fast 7 The concept ofrefers to the anticipation that a response will be reinforced expectancy 8 The fivefactor model of personality includes all of the following EXCEPT authenticity 9 Ais a system of concepts assumptions and ideas proposed to explain personality personality theory 10 Sara has been described by her friends as being shy From this description we can probably deduce that she displays which of the following personality traits all of these a tendency to avoid others uneasiness while socializing preoccupation 11 According to Freud the ego is governed by the reality principle 12 Learning theorists are interested inwhich refer to external causes of our actions situational determinants 13 According to Seligman Peterson and others 2004 which of the following positive personality traits contribute to we
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