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Cengage Now ch 15 Q&As

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Kathryn Belicki

Cengage Now chapter 15 therapies1 Rita called in to the Dr Laura show to ask for advice about unfaithful husbands Rita should probably be cautious about accepting any advice she receives because Dr Laura is an media psychologist 2 The concept that perception or awareness is disjointed and incomplete in maladjusted persons is most closely identified with gestalt therapy 3 Which of the following statements about Internet therapy is true cybershrinks may not be trained professionals 4 Which of the following is NOT a useful method for finding a therapist a referral from a casual acquaintance 5 The American Psychological Association urges media psychologists to discuss only the general nature of problems 6 Cyndy ate some Chinese food that did not agree with her Months later she cannot look at an egg roll without feeling nauseous This example illustrates aversion 7 Humanistic therapies generally emphasize making full use of ones potential 8 One method that is used to teach people to relax is themethod tensionrelease 9 Trepanning a primitive practice involving boring a hole into the skull was used to release evil spirits 10 William aged 5 years seemed unable to address the death of his mother Every time that the therapist attempted to discuss this topic with William the child would try to change the topic or urinate in his pants This blockage in the flow of ideas is referred to asresistance 11 Which of the following is not a powerful reinforcer for human behavior time out 12 Delivering a painful shock to chronic overeaters as they bring food to the mouth is an example oftherapy aversive 13 Which of the following premises about rationalemo
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