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Chapter 18

Ch. 18 Applied Psychology

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Kathryn Belicki

Ch 18 Applied Psychology March3112 212 PM Applied psychology use of psychological principles and research methods o solve practical problems Industrialorganizational IO psychology field that focuses on the psychology of work and on behavior within organizations typically work in Studying jobs to identify underlying skills guide efforts to select people and train for those job industrial part Study organizations to understand how to create structures and company cultures that will improve worker performance organizational part Theory X leadership Scientific management approach to leadership that emphasizes work efficiency some extent treat people as if they are machines have task orientation rather than person orientation Work efficiency max output productivity at lowest cost concerned with improving will alter conditions that affect workers Psychological efficiency maintenance of good morale labor relations employee satisfaction similar aspects of work behavior Theory Y leadership leadership style that emphasizes human relations at work and that view people as industrious responsible and interested in challenging work person orientation rather than task orientation Knowledge workers workers who add value to their company by creating and manipulating information Ex bankers teachers lawyers computer engineers writers etc 45 people in work force knowledge workers Shared leadership participative management leadership approach that allows employees at all levels to participate in decision making benefit greater productivity more involvement in work greater job satisfaction less jobrelated stress Management by objectives management technique in which employees are given specific goals to meet in their work Ex making a certain number of items Selfmanaged team work group that has a high degree of freedom with respect to how it achieves its goals much more likely to feel they are being treated fairly Quality circles employee discussion group makes suggestions for improving quality and solving business problems have many limitations Job satisfaction degree to which a person is comfortable with or satisfied with his or her work comes from good fit between work and a persons interests abilities needs and expectations not entirely a matter of work conditions Flextime work schedule that allows flexible starting and quitting times Compressed workweek work schedule that allows an employee to work fewer days per week by putting in more hours per day Telecommute approach to flexible work that involves working from home but using a computer to stay connected to the office throughout the workday generally flexible work is an improvement
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