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Cengage Now ch 16 Q&As

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Kathryn Belicki

Cengage Now chapter 16 Social thinking and social influence 1 Benji asked his roommate Derrious to watch his cat while he was away for Spring Break Derrious was happy to oblige because he loved the cat Once he agreed to this minor request Benji made more requests that Derrious do his other chores as well This illustrates theeffect footinthedoor 2 Which of the following factors does not influence how attitudes are learned none of these group membership child rearing interaction with others3 Arranging to perform under conditions that impair performance is known as selfhandicapping4 A norm is defined as a widely accepted yet often unspoken standard forbehavior appropriate5 Clarence ended up firing his best friend because he attributed his poor work performance to laziness rather than the fact that his friend had a new baby and could not sleep more than a few hours per night In this instance Clarence attributed his friends actions to ancause internal6 Phillip star quarterback of the local football team was generally rated as more thoughtful and friendly than other townspeople This example illustrates Phillips status7 We tend to attribute negative characteristics to members of an outgroup8 Solomon was having a tough day as a grocery clerk his manager yelled at him and the scanner at his station was continually malfunctioning When Sue stepped up to pay for her loaf of bread Solomon was preoccupied with these external fo
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