PSYC 1F90 Chapter Notes -David Buss, Interpersonal Attraction, Physical Attractiveness

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17 Apr 2012

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Cengage Now ch 17 Prosocial and antisocial behavior
1. Andre, handsome center of the local basketball team, was often viewed as more intelligent and kind than he
actually was. This tendency, which is associated with physical attractiveness, is known as the ________
effect. [halo]
2. Jason noticed that a Latino job applicant had poorly shined shoes. Rather than making an overtly racist
comment, Jason engaged in ________ prejudice by making thinly veiled comments about shoe quality and
work ethics. [symbolic]
3. Simplifying people into "us" and "them" categories is characteristic of: [stereotyping]
4. Charlene is avoidantly attached to James. Which of the following is a behavior that she is likely to
demonstrate? [Charlene is suspicious of james]
5. Couples who have been together for a long time might indicate that they are committed to, and share
intimacy with, their spouses, yet they lack passion. This is referred to as ________. [companionate love]
6. ________, or the unequal treatment of people, often results from prejudice. [discrimination]
7. During the Vietnam War, a Marine Corps officer became friends with a North Vietnamese prisoner of war
when he came to see him as a person rather than an enemy. This process illustrates ________.
8. A ________ goal exceeds or overrides other lesser goals. [superordinate]
9. During a conversation with her friends about sex, Joy disclosed something that had her friends squealing
"TMI" or "too much information." This sounds like Joy is guilty of ________. [overdisclosure]
10. Interpersonal attraction is the basis for: [all of these (friendship, voluntary, romantic relationships)]
11. People often find it difficult to respond in an emergency because they fail to ________. [define the
situation as an emergency]
12. Artie had low self-esteem and he identified with the local gang. To boost his self-esteem, Artie began to
believe that his gang was superior to others. Thus, Artie is engaging in ________. [social competition]
13. According to the text, the need to affiliate is: [a basic human characteristic]
14. No matter what evidence was presented to Adam, he continued to believe in his rigid and intolerant thinking.
By definition, Adam's behavior can be described as ________. [dogmatic]
15. Prejudice will be reduced when the following occurs: [there is a common goal]
16. Jerry felt uncomfortable around the young, handsome man having a drink at the bar. He felt much better
about his romantic prospects for the evening when he thought about the older, plainer bartender. Jerry is
probably engaging in a(n) ________ comparison. [downward]
17. Aggressive pornography refers to depictions of: [all of these (threats of violence leading to intercourse,
obvious power differences between sexual partners, someone being forced to have intercourse]
18. Parents can reduce children's aggressive behavior by: [limiting total media time]
19. The unwillingness of witnesses to help during an emergency is known as the ________ effect. [none of
these (interaction, cruelness, group membership)]
20. In the United States, what percentage of adults agrees that boys should engage in "a few fistfights as they
are growing up"? [70%]
21. ________ includes intimacy, passion, and commitment. [consummate love]
22. According to Buss, the following mating patterns occurred across a variety of cultures: [men are more
interested in casual sex]
23. Rachel was fighting with her husband when she caught a glance of her pistol in the closet. This image
served as a strong aggressive cue which led her to shoot him. This is known as the ________ effect.
24. Frustration probably encourages aggression because it: [raises arousal levels and sensitivity to cues for
25. Empathic arousal is likely to motivate helping behavior when the person in need is ________ to us. [similar]
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