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Cengage Now ch 17 Q&As

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Kathryn Belicki

Cengage Now ch 17 Prosocial and antisocial behavior 1 Andre handsome center of the local basketball team was often viewed as more intelligent and kind than he actually was This tendency which is associated with physical attractiveness is known as theeffect halo 2 Jason noticed that a Latino job applicant had poorly shined shoes Rather than making an overtly racist comment Jason engaged inprejudice by making thinly veiled comments about shoe quality and work ethics symbolic 3 Simplifying people into us and them categories is characteristic of stereotyping 4 Charlene is avoidantly attached to James Which of the following is a behavior that she is likely to demonstrate Charlene is suspicious of james 5 Couples who have been together for a long time might indicate that they are committed to and share intimacy with their spouses yet they lack passion This is referred to ascompanionate love 6or the unequal treatment of people often results from prejudice discrimination 7 During the Vietnam War a Marine Corps officer became friends with a North Vietnamese prisoner of war when he came to see him as a person rather than an enemy This process illustratesindividuation 8 Agoal exceeds or overrides other lesser goals superordinate 9 During a conversation with her friends about sex Joy disclosed something that had her friends squealing TMI or too much information This sounds like Joy is guilty ofoverdisclosure 10 Interpersonal attraction is the basis for all of these friendship voluntary romantic relationships 11 People often find it difficult to respond in an emergency because they fail todefine the situation as an emergency12 Artie had low selfesteem and he identified with the local gang To boost his selfesteem Artie began to believe that his gang was super
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