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Chapter 8-9

PSYC 2P12 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8-9: Eating Disorder, Anorexia Nervosa, Egocentrism

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Cathy Mondloch

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PSYC 2P12 Chapter 8 Notes: Physical Development
Puberty: the hormonal and physical changes by which children become sexually
mature human beings and each their adult height
Puberty rite: “a coming of age” ritual, usually beginning at some event such as %rst
menstruation held in traditional cultures to celebrate childrens transition to
Secular trend in puberty: a century long decline in the average age at which
children reach puberty in the developed world
Menarche: a girls %rst menstruation
Spermarche: a boys %rst ejaculation of live sperm
Adrenal androgens: hormones produced by the adrenal glands that program various
aspects of puberty such as growth of body hair, skin changes, sexual desire
HPG axis: the main hormonal system programming puberty, involves a triggering
hypothalamic hormone that causes the pituitary to secrete its hormones, which in
turn cause the ovaries and testes to develop and secrete the hormones that
produce major body changes
Gonads: sex organs (ovaries and testes)
Testosterone: maturation hormone in men
Primary sexual characteristics: physical changes of puberty that directly involve the
organs of reproduction (growth of penis and onset of menstruation)
Secondary sexual characteristics: physical changes of puberty that are not directly
involved in reproduction
Growth spurt: a dramatic increase in height and weight that occurs during puberty
Thin ideal: media driven cultural idea that females need to be abnormally thin
Eating disorder: pathological obsession with getting and staying thin
Anorexia nervosa: pathological dieting and by a distorted body image
Bulimia nervosa: at least biweekly cycles of binging and purging in an obsessive
attempt to lose weight
Sexual double standard: cultural code that gives men greater sexual freedom than
woman; society expects males to want to have sex and for females to remain
virgins until they marry and be more interested in relationships than sex
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