SCIE 1P50 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Repeatability

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Published on 9 Oct 2011
Brock University
Class #1! Science & Society! September. 9, 2011
Seminar Readings:
- Approach:
- Read through the article
- Read it again looking for the following:
- Terms
- Acronyms
- Summary (consider the following):
- What are the researchers studying?
- Why are they doing it?
- How are they studying it?
- What are their results?
- What is the meaning/importance of their results?
- Any limitations to their study?
- Look at A+ example on Sakai
- Your Opinion
- Must be supported
- Sample Size (How big?)
- Duration of Measurement
- Analysis (How did they analyze their results?)
- Other research (results and data in context of other people’s research?)
- Limitations (did they tell you about their limitations?)
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