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Chapter 1

SCIE 1P50 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Ultraviolet, Hectare, John Holdren

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Caroline Starrs

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Class #2! Science & Society! September. 12, 2011
We Depend on our Environment
-Absorbs our wastes
-Provides climate stability - provides us the climate we live in
-Without our environment we would be fried to death - Protects us from
ultraviolet radiation
-We tend to think of the Environment as a collection of commodities we obtain from
around the world
-But the Environment is the very source of our lives and well being
-Environment is the source of practically everything
-Environment gives us absolutely everything to keep our lifestyle which produces a lot
of waste which we feed back to the environment
The Environment
-All the things around us with which we interact:
-Biotic (living things)
-Animals, plants, forests, soils, etc.
-Abiotic (nonliving things)
-Continents, oceans, clouds, icecaps
-Our built environment
-Structures, human-created living centers
-Social relationships and institutions
What is Environmental Science?
-Interdisciplinary - a very diverse science
-Broad Field
-Establish general principles about how the natural world functions
-How are things working?
-How should they work?
-Identifying, understanding, and solving problems
Environmental Science is Interdisciplinary
-What experts would you need for:
-Atmosphere Science
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