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Chapter 5

sociology chapter 5 review

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Daniel Glenday

What is Globalization y It is the latest stage in a process characterized by the spread and intensification of free market capitalism across the globe y Is mobility mobility of labor ideas capital technology and profited can move across borders with minimal governmental interference this process has also gone by the name on neoliberalism y 1970s to presentMain Points of NeoLiberalism y The rule of the market or private enterprise is the most efficient way to do business this means deunionizing workers no cooperativesservices such as education and health y Cutting public expenditures for socialreducing safety net for the poor cutting back on maintenance of roads bridges and water while encouraging corporate subsidies and tax cuts y Privatization means selling stateowned enterprises to private investors this includes electricity Ontario Hydro tool highways 407 schools health care facilities even fresh waterthe concept of the Public Good or Community and replacing it y Eliminatingwith individual responsibility this means blaming those who fail on themselves there is an absence of moral or social responsibility as
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