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Richard Brown

Social Problems – Chapter 2 - Economic inequalities – large differences in income and wealth across individuals and groups within a society; difference in the economic power of nations th - Karl Marx introduced the idea of social class and its relation to poverty and inequality in his social, economic, & philosophical in 19 century. People always organize oppositionally around their relation to the means of production. Some own it, some don’t. In a capitalist industrial society, those who own the capital and productive technology will control the available jobs. The others – proletarians – will have to sell their time and labour power to capitalists, to earn wages that allow them to survive. - Classes – (sociological thinking) – are groups of people who share a common economic condition, interest, or relationship to the means of production. - According to Marx, there are two classes – those who own the means of production and those who work for the people who own the means of productions. - Profit making depends on keeping prices high and wages (and other costs of production) low. - Workers struggle through unions, co-operatives, legislation, and other means – to improve their wages, working conditions, job security, and the prices they have to pay for food, shelter, and health care. - This capitalist class system will have a long-range tendency to produce monopolies of wealth and ever-increasing inequality, globalization and imperialism, overproduction and recurrent financial crises. Those at the bottom will be impoverished, desperate and willing to do almost anything to survive. - PAGE 32 - 34 Measuring Poverty - Abso
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