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Chapter 35

SOCI 1F90 Chapter Notes - Chapter 35: Gun Violence

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Michelle Webber

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February 1 st
, 2016
Chapter 35: Sex, Gender and Generation: Age of Consent and Moral Regulation in Canada
Concerns the regulation of young women’s sexuality to the age of consent legislation and
debates concerning the legislation
In 2008, the age of consent to sexual acts was renamed the age of production and was raised in
Canada for the first time since 1890
Age of consent is protection of children
oIssue of generation, that is, the child/adult relationship, its symbolic identities of childhood
and adulthood and the associated relations of power
oInnocent and incompetent and so needing protection
Society as needing protection from youth, predominantly boys, who are so dangerous because
they are competent and aware
Conservatives divert attention away from the issue of agency; and by focusing on protection, they
divert attention from issues of gender and sexuality and reassert, by default, a heterosexual norm
Gender and Generation: Moral Regulation and Public Policy in a Post-Feminist Context
Moral degradation of mostly adult women, whether it was because they were single, poor or
inadequate mothers, or all three, and remedies ranged from birth control to hygiene
State policed young women’s promiscuity, authorities ignored incest and the sanctity of the family
Police makers incorporated feminist issues while eliminating feminist demands through symbols
of the family and childhood
Feminist initiated and engaged the state in debates on violence against women, pornography and
child abuse and defined all those issues in terms of systemic male dominance
Chapter 37: Gun Violence in Toronto: Perspectives from the Police
Framed as Gang Proliferation, Illegal Gun Smuggling and Illicit Drug Trafficking Problem
In Toronto attributed the problem to the proliferation of gangs (or criminal organisations), illegal
gun smuggling and illicit drug trafficking
Operation Gun Stop in 2002 and Gun Task Force
“Street gangs are cancers” that if left unchecked will “consume and destroy our communities”
Gun and Gang Task Force, the Street Violence Task Force, Project Impact and Project Pathfinder
Malvern Crew
Gun violence in the city was to focus on tackling gun smuggling from the United States and on
tightening gun control in Canada
“Jamaica....is...a transit point for the drugs that are making their way into North America, including
The violence as involving “young Black men being killed by young Black men”
The decriminalisation of marijiuana in Canada
Often use violence
Liberalisation of cannabis laws in the Netherlands did not increase the use of the substance and
the criminalisation and suppression of the substance have not reduced the use in the United
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