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Chapter Critical Terrain Readings, pages 9-10

WGST 1F90 Chapter : WGST 1F90, Critical Terrain Readings, pages 9-10, Week 3

Women's and Gender Studies
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Jenny Janke
Critical Terrain Readings, pages 9-10

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Critical Terrain
Week Three Reading
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Supplement 1
Pages 9-10
Top 10 Feminist Stereotypes
1. Feminists hate men.
2. Feminists hate the idea of family.
3. Feminists are masculine and unattractive.
4. Feminists hate God.
5. Feminists don’t shave.
6. Feminists are all pro-choice.
7. Feminists can’t be stay at home moms.
8. Feminists whine about everything.
9. Men are not feminists.
10. All people who label themselves feminist believe in the exact same things.
All women who identify as feminists are not the same.
Feminist A is not necessarily trying to convey the same thing as feminist B.
Most of the stereotypes about feminism are very negative so it leads to women throwing
out that ever so popular phrase I’m not a feminist, but…”
Instead of looking at the issues, women are focused on not being labeled.
They can’t speak their minds and point out the objectification of women, sexism, and dis-
crimination because they don’t want to be labeled as an evil feminist.
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